About the company

Lider LOGISTIC is a provider of complete logistical services to and from anywhere in the world. As one of the leading freight forwarding companies, Lider LOGISTICS established its reputation through a strong reliable staff and an unmatched commitment to customer service. Today each Lider LOGISTIC location is staffed with a full complement of experienced logistical experts and this enables our company as one of the leading freight forwarding companies in Azerbaijan to render multimodal logistic services. We also maintain a vast network of domestic and international agents and affiliate offices to provide you a high level of customer service door-to-door, around the world.

Lider LOGISTIC was established with one purpose in mind – to provide consistent, dependable and professional international logistics and transportation services to the shipping community.

At Lider LOGISTIC we provide helpful and courteous service to each and every clients, no matter the size of their corporation or frequency of their shipments. We understand the importance of the logistics link in our clients supply-chain. We make that link as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Our mission is to create values in the field of logistic for our customers by rendering cost-effective, high-speed and tailored services at any time.

Lider Logistic Company provides the logistic services, highlighted as here under;

– Consulting in supply chain management and trade
– Rail, Road and Air freight
– Ocean Transportation
– Oversized and heavy Cargo transportation
– Customs Clearance
– Project Logistics
– Partial Cargo
– Diplomatic Cargo

Our core of customers are small,mid-sized & vast-scaled corporations with limited knowledge of international transportation and/or limited staffing resources to assign full-time employees to international transactions. Our full-time employees to international transactions. Our customers need a higher level of expertise with a personal touch.

They need us to be readily available with in-house support acting as an extension of their company.


“Our mission is to set the industry standard by providing innovative, reliable and personalized logistics management services to our customers, thereby realizing mutual growth, profitability, and trust”

Our Philosophy: A Message from Management
You may wonder, “what makes Lider LOGISTIC & TRANSPORTATION different? Our company was founded to give shippers a loyal, caring, and knowledgeable staff that could provide customized service and personal attention. We still hold thse values in our corporate philosophy.

From the beginning our mission was to offer you the greatest possible assistance in importing and exporting that saves you valuable time and money, both. For that reason, we have reinvested in our company to give our representatives access the technology, which enables them to track and clear your shipments as quickly as possible, while in transit. Results are what make us different & there is nothing that we cannot do as a world wide logistic company.

Lider Logistic as a Transport company has included in the part of the economical development, which are consist of import and export business of Azerbaijan and other neighbor countries. Our aim and mission is to be the first in the development of this sector and to offer the most suitable services and prices for all our customers.

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